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A decade of PMRI saw  the changes  in  the classroom  in some of  the primary schools in Indonesia. PMRI stands for Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia or Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education. We often refer to syllabus as an official document which describes what to teach  in  schools. We may  refer  to  curriculum  as  the package of  a  syllabus  together with  the  implementation tools  such  as  textbooks  and  resource materials  for  teacher training. Then we can say  that  though  the mathematics syllabus in  Indonesia did not change, its curriculum has changed under the movement of PMRI. Naturally, the next topic of interest is the design of a mathematics curriculum encompassing PMRI.

Typically, there are two  types of syllabuses. One  is descriptive and another isprescriptive. By descriptive, we mean  the syllabus  is brief.  It  leaves a  lot of  room  for teachers  to  interpret  the  syllabus.  It  could  be  due  to  the  culture  of  the country  that teaching  is  left  to  teachers  to manage, and not  to be dictated by  those who designed the  syllabus. Another  type  of  syllabus  is  prescriptive  sometimes  to  the  extent  that items to be excluded would be clearly stated in the syllabus. Teaching out of syllabus is not welcome by students and parents.

            A  curriculum is a  good  curriculum  only  when  we have implemented it successfully. To be  successful,  it has  to  be  considered  in  connection with  teachers, students,  and many  other  determining  factors. We  have  included  teacher  factor  and student profile.

            During  the  Maths  Reforms,  it  was  a common practice  to  conduct workshops for in-service teachers. That seems to be the only way to train  teachers to acquire new content knowledge within a short period of time. For  every  reform,  we  need  new  textbooks.  The  production  of  textbooks became another important component in the successful implementation of a syllabus.

            The  environment  definitely  affects  student’s learning. Top  of  the  list  is  learning  habit  or more  precisely  discipline. Hence it is important that we know our students and design a curriculum with students in mind. The new jobs require  them  to  be  a  thinking  person  and  an  independent  learner.  Hence teaching mathematics  is not  just  teaching mathematics alone.  It  is also part of  training for  the work place.  In order  to be creative, one has  to  teach out of syllabus.  In other words, teaching out of syllabus will soon become a norm and not an exception. Often student profile is not a top priority in designing a curriculum. Knowing the learning habit of our students is as important as selecting the topics to be included in  a  syllabus.  In  one  sentence, we may wish  to  pay  greater  attention  to  the  student profile while designing a curriculum.


            When  we  review  our  syllabus,  we  look  around  among  other  countries  and compare with them. Perhaps we should also look back in time. Find out what we have done  right  and  what  we  have  done  wrong.  In  order  to  do  that,  we  need  good documentation of the past events. In other words, we must have institutional memory. Activity-based  teaching  of  PMRI  may  have  made  in-roads into  the  classroom  in10 Lee Peng Yee Indonesia.  It will  be  the  design  of  a  locally-produced  curriculum  that will  lead  the movement of PMRI to become a main stream in the reform of mathematics teaching, in particular, and education, in general, in Indonesia.



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