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The Arithmetic Game

     (With a dice)


Education Level              : Junior High  School

Subject                          : Mathematic

Grade/Semester             : VII ( Seventh ) / Odd

Competency Standard     :1.Using the arithmetic symbol to solve a problem in many ways (opened ended question)

Basic Competency           :1.Using dice to get four digit number and then use them to solve a problem

Indicators                      :1.Using dice student can combine the arithmetic symbol

A. Instruction Goals  :

* Students know the kind of arithmetic symbols, such as : +, - , *, :

* Students can combine the arithmetic symbols and apply them to solve the   


* Students can be discipline and more creative thinking to solve the problem using the arithmetic symbol in many ways

*Students can feel challenging and get motivation to more creative and do the  best for their selves

*Just for fun and refreshing

 B. Lesson Content :


 C. Teaching Method :


    *Question and Answer


D. Interactional Procedure:

Focusing Event :

Apperception             : 1.Disscuss

                                  2.Remembering and flash back about arithmetic symbols

Motivations                : If this items are posted well, hence will be able to  assisting student finish the internal issue follow theexample of the  everyday life

Teaching  Procedure  :

*Teacher must make the comfortable situation in the class

*When the student pay the attention, teacher must be creative to bring the student thinking to the lesson that day

*Teacher give the material, and tell a student what’re they doing that day

*Teacher give a game for the students

*Teacher asked four student to join in the front of class

*Teacher tell the question

*Teacher explanation the rules of the games

*Teacher give some time to students for answering the question

*Teacher asked each student how the way they get the result, one by one

*Student tell their friends own way one by one in front of class, how they get the result

Rules of arithmetic’s game :

*Teacher give a piece of paper to each students stand in front of class

*Teacher asked them to draw four row in that paper

*Students have two changed to throw the dice ( two dice ), so they get four digit numbers and then they write that numbers to each row prepared before

*Using the four digit numbers students must use three arithmetic symbol to find the maximum and minimum value, such as (*, -, +), (+,+,*),(*,*,:), etc

*They have time three minute to do it

*When the time is over they must presentation their result to their friend, and then write the way to write board

Final Activity              :

* Teacher tell the goal of that games

* Teacher closing the meeting that day

E.  Material and Recourse :

*Text Book

*Board marker


*Two dice

F.Evaluation Procedure

Technique                     : written test and oral test

Form The Instrument    : question

The Result :

1.Ahsani Takwim





     Maximum Value : 2*3*3*2 = 36

     Minimum Value  : 2 – (3*3*2) = - 16

2.Alex Sandra





    Maximum Value : 5*6*1*2 = 60

  Minimum Value  : 1 – (6 *5*2) = - 59

3.Dinal ‘Ulya





   Maximum Value : 4*6*2*1 = 48

  Minimum Value  : (1-2)*(4*6) = - 24

4.Fini Mulyani





   Maximum Value : 3*4*4*3 = 144

  Minimum Value  : (3-4) * (4*3) = -12

 Let try to your self. Do you get the Biggest value in maximum and the smallest value in minimum ? Enjoy the game....




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